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¡Help! ¡My House is O’errun with Ants, so that Sounds like the Best Time to Write ’Bout SimAnt!

Tho e’eryone remembers SimCity & The Sims, most people have forgotten the many other “Sim” games that Maxis made before they were cannibalized by EA, games which were not so successful, such as insomia-cure-simulators SimEarth & SimFarm, noneuclidean-human-face-simulator SimCopter, Grand Theft Auto if ’twere e’en mo’ buggy & broken Streets…

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Mumbling ’bout Luigi’s Mansion 3

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an ol’ familiar sweep o’ the rug under your feet. During my 1st 8 or so hours playing it I felt that this game melded the good elements from Dark Moon, such as the secret gems & the rainbow dark-light flashlight that reveals missing furniture, with…

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